Our vision for Wakefield is for the city to know, love & Accept Jesus as their personal Saviour. As part of our outreach, we started the Wakefield service in Jan 2014.

Many Families from the neighborhood regularly attend our fortnightly Friday services. They are on the first and the third week of every month. We meet at @ 7 PM in the Wakefield Methodist church, Thornes Road, WF2 8QB.

Our services generally go until 8:30 p.m. and we have time of Worship, sermon & prayers for the local community. We do have refreshments & hot drinks with a Tinch of Indian Flavor.

If you are local to Wakefield or if you are visitor, we would love to invite you to join-in and the enjoy the warmth of our fellowship.

First and Third Friday of every month @ 7:OO PM

Methodist church, Thornes Road, Wakefield, WF2 8QB