Youth Ministry

Youth ministry is an important part in our Church ministry and we love the young people. Our vision for young people is that they remember their creator in their youth and full fill their God given destiny and to honour God with their life. We conduct sessions exclusively for the youth to have fellowship with them share and care and learn and grow more in God.

Kids Ministry

Sunday school is one of our main ministry and we believe that Todays children are tomorrows leaders in the society and we are committed to help in developing  their lives  so that they could live to their fullest potential. We look after them by creating a fun, exciting environment for them to enjoy and learn about God.


As a church we believe that our mission is to reach out to the people in our cities with the Gospel of Christ. We trust that as disciples of Christ we are called to “Go and make disciples”. At EGN ministries, we base our Outreach within 3 cities; Bradford, Leeds and Wakefield also known as three of the biggest cities in West Yorkshire. Our aim is to Outreach in these cities mainly during the seasons of spring and summer. As EGN church, we Outreach to the people in the city through our singing as well as music and also through face to face conversation. When we meet together, we mainly set our Outreach days to weekends and we then rotate around the cities weekly as a church